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Autophagy - living healthier for longer

Autophagy is a natural regeneration process that occurs at a cellular level in the body, reducing the likelihood of contracting some diseases as well as prolonging lifespan allowing you to live longer and be in better shape.  Giving your body better infection control, protecting against excessive inflammation and easier weight management.   

"Switch on your autophagy today"

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What is autophagy?

The word plainly means to eat oneself derived from the Greek auto (self) and phagein (to eat). Basically it’s the body’s tool of getting rid of broken down old cells when there’s no longer enough energy to sustain it. It is a controlled, orderly process to degrade and recycle cellular components a normal part of the metabolic process.  After a certain amount of divisions cells are programmed to die after their useful life is done, they are pre-destined to die after a certain amount of time, this process is essential for maintaining good health.  It’s your body’s normal way of carrying out cellular repair and a renewal processes. 

When we experience stress and anxiety the older we become, the more and more free radical damage we have and our cells become damaged at an increased rate.  Autophagy helps to clear damaged cells from the body, including cells which have no useful purpose but still remain inside tissues and organs. The reason it’s so important to remove damaged cells is because they can trigger inflammatory pathways therefore causing disease.

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"Slow down corrosion"

Damaged abnormal proteins accumulate in the body and brain causing Alzheimer’s and different cancers. These proteins are called amyloids which accumulate in the brain if autophagy doesn’t take place.   Autophagy that has the ability to clear out abnormal protein possibly preventing the development of serious disease such as cancer, neurodegeneration, cardiomyopathy, diabetes, liver disease, autoimmune diseases and infections.

What triggers autophagy?

Intermittent fasting triggers autophagy and is a very simple concept, you simply abstain from eating for a certain period of time but you can still drink water and liquids like coffee or tea. It involves time redistricted eating such as daily fasting or alternate day fasting where you limit your daily eating window to 4 to 8hrs per day. If you’re eating window is 8hrs the fasting window is 16hrs and for most of that time you are likely to be asleep.

Depriving yourself of calories is the key activator of autophagy, fasting increases glucagon and it’s the glucagon which triggers autophagy.  When insulin goes down glucagon goes up so when we eat insulin goes up and glucagon goes down and when we fast insulin goes down and glucagon goes up.  This process cleanses the cells removing the accumulation of junk which is responsible for aging, so fasting also stimulates growth hormones which tell the body to produce new cells to revitalise our body and mind.  

The benefits of Autophagy

  • Longevity and anti-aging
  • Protects the nervous system and encouraging growth of brain and nerve cells.
  • Clarity of thought, autophagy improves cognitive function, brain structure and neuroplasticity.
  • Providing cells with molecular building blocks and energy
  • Recycling damaged proteins, organelles and aggregates
  • Supporting growth of heart cells and protecting against heart disease
  • Regulating functions of cells’ mitochondria, which help produce energy but can be damaged by oxidative stress
  • Clearing damaged endoplasmic reticulum and peroxisomes
  • Improving the immune system by eliminating pathogens
  • Defending against toxic proteins that contribute to amyloid diseases
  • Protecting our DNA
  • Preventing damage to healthy tissues and organs
  • Potentially fighting cancer, neurodegenerative disease and other illnesses.

Including fasting into your daily routine is a great place to start to lose weight, slow down aging, increase your longevity as well as many other benefits.

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