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How Hypnotherapy can help

Make a fresh start this New Year by gaining more control in your life with hypnosis, be less stressed, have more energy, and have the ability to improve your sleep quality.   Most people will go into the New Year with the very best of intentions to take back control of something in their lives where there has been no control, then the motivation stops and they return to the same old ways, so it is important to keep that motivation high and to have a firm and realistic goal set that you can aim towards.  Hypnotherapy can help you keep the control and focus on things which are important to you achieving the things you want to improve.

As we head into 2016 you may be looking at alternative ways to ease the stresses of working, and living, in our modern hectic 24/7 lifestyle. As you take on more and more, you can sometimes find that we struggle to cope, and so, stress becomes that unseen burden that can lead you to become anxious, sleepless and prone to anger or even overeating.  “Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to help to empty ourselves of stress and to be more at peace with the world around us,” say’s fully qualified, registered and insured practitioner Christine Beardwood. “We work with a client to help them move forward in their lives to greater achievements in a relaxed, calm and confident way.” 

Hypnotherapy is well known in successfully helping people to stop smoking in one simple session but it can also be used to help in other, tremendously positive ways – from losing weight, improving confidence and sleep through to easing stress/anxiety and promoting relaxation.

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Hypnotherapy is also widely used to help people overcome specific phobias, including the fear of flying. “Spring is a time when people may be looking ahead to booking flights for summer holidays and some individuals may find flying a little daunting – we can help ease the fear of flying using specific hypnotherapy techniques which are therapeutic for the individual.”

Christine is a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) which insists on the highest standards of practice from its members

Why not use the power of your mind to take back control of a habit you need to be free of?

If you would like to book an appointment or find out more contact Christine on:
0780 9690 964 or email.



About the Author: Christine Beardwood

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Christine is the founder of The Beardwood Practice, specialising in Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy. Christine is accomplished as a hypnotherapist, qualified in Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (DHP) and the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD).  With a passion for the study of the human brain and its potential this is at the heart of her interests and as new research develops in neuroscience her work evolves achieving the best treatment outcomes for her clients.

As well as being interested in the human brain, Christine is deeply interested in the visual arts and understands how the creative mind works.  Being aware of how our brains operate and brain plasticity really gives her an understanding of how as humans we can perform better, live to our full potential and improve our lives.  Understanding the implications of stress and anxiety upon your life she uses her skills as a hypnotherapist to reduce stress and anxiety to overcome those particular problems and helping you move forward to create the life you want.

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