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Weight Loss Fasting Programme

Fasting hypnosis is for long term weight loss and maintenance, it’s a simple effective way to lose weight while still eating the food you love.  Developing the flexible eating habits of naturally thin people.  You will feel less hungry, lose body fat, build and retain muscle, prolonged life span (autophagy), improve resistance to disease and it will make you more intelligent.

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Everything you eat & drink is used to construct your body so its fundamental to make sure you feed your mind and body healthy nutritious foods and drinks.  By making changes in your life style while using hypnotherapy it will help you train your subconscious mind to adopt healthy thought patterns.  Making positive changes so you choose nutritious foods combined with healthy amounts exercise and learn to control stress and anxiety.

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Positive effects of the weight loss fasting programme

1 Effective fat loss

2 You don’t get as hungry

3 Build and retain muscle

4 Prolonged life spans a process called autophagy meaning self-eating.

5 Improved resistance to infections, diseases, improved immune system, and long term weight maintenance.

6 Research shows that intermittent fasting can possibly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and possibly reduce the risk of cancer.

7 Makes you more intelligent as it makes you more focused increasing brain cell growth allowing for better connections with in the body and mind. 

8 Stress free with more time to do the things you enjoy

Hypnotherapy helps you focus on what you want to achieve and helps you remain motivated and solution driven to be able to move towards your wonderful goal of controlled weight loss in a steady way.  The brain learns new habits simply by repetition.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you come up with new and improved habits and necessary changes of lifestyle that will contribute to a fitter and healthier you.

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Hypnotherapy can help you address the underlying stresses that get in the way of you making appropriate choices around food and exercise.  But it can only help if you make an effort to do something different, so be prepared for change.  And be prepared for steady, sustainable weight loss, rather than a quick fix.

Control what you eat and be a better version of you


How can Hypnotherapy help with Weight loss?

You know what needs to happen for you to maintain you ideal weight.  So what's stopping you?  It could be a whole range of reasons:

  • So busy with your life that you haven't got time to shop for good food or prepare it, let alone savour eating it
  • Feelings of low self-esteem, leading to self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Unhelpful beliefs around food, such as needing to eat everything on your plate
  • Unhelpful habits, such as eating the remnants of the children's meals

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A Hypnotherapist will help you think about what you really want to accomplish, what goals you have, and then you are ready to begin. Is there some special occasion that you need to lose weight for? Do you have a specific weight loss goal in mind? Is it energy that you need, or do you have a medical condition that requires you to lose weight? You should ask yourself questions like these when you set your goals.

Hypnosis is completely natural, safe & relaxing.  You will remain conscious and in complete control during the treatment.

All client data is kept strictly confidential.

Session Fee - £60.00 each session including CDs

We offer a free initial consultation before any treatment begins

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